What is microblading and is it worth it?

On average, ladies spend close anywhere from 30-90 minutes getting ready every morning! This includes getting your hair ready and combed out from the bed head, getting your BB cream or foundation on to prevent yourself from looking sick and zombielike, drawing out fuller brows and lining your eyes for more definition, and finally after all that is completed, you are out the door an hour later. What if I told you that you didn’t need to be spending close to an hour getting ready and saved you a couple minutes of sleep in the morning? I bet many of you guys reading are now getting interested in what I’m about to reveal!

Well the ever-growing trend of permanent makeup may be the answer for you. Permanent makeup is just a tattoo using pigments instead of ink to create the illusion of makeup so that you don’t have to apply makeup every morning. Microblading is permanent eyebrow tattoos and the specialized tech will draw in thin hairlike strokes to create fuller brows and make them more defined. It is a very natural process where people usually can’t even tell that it’s not real hair. This saves you time, money, and frustration! Now, initially it is a big investment because microblading costs around $300-800, depending on where you decide to get them done. Ultimately though, you will be saving many trips to get overpriced makeup just to run out a month later! Most studios now provide permanent eyeliner, beauty marks, eyebrows, and even lips! If you’ve ever wanted fuller lips but were too scared to get fillers or botox, this is for you! Again, this may seem like a big commitment but the permanent makeup will fade over time so either you are free from the look, or can get follow up treatments to maintain the color and definition.

This is less painful that real tattoos because most technicians should apply numbing cream to numb the area that they will be working on. The technician should also explain the healing process as it is essential to take good care of the area to make sure that it will last as long as possible and look the way they intended it to. If you have any skin problems or allergies, be sure to let the technician know so they are aware and can let you know if you might experience any irritation. Other than that, this procedure will be saving you the stress from having to create symmetrical full brows before rushing to work and may allow a few extra minutes of sleep every morning!

Due to the commitment of having something tattooed to your face, I would definitely research and talk to the technician that will be doing the procedure. Make sure that you are fully aware of everything that will done and that you like the shape they are going to create for you. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the procedure be sure to ask before going in for your appointment! Many technicians have back to back appointments and it would save a lot of time for you and your tech to answer anything before actually meeting for the appointment.